The Neubig lab at SIU


This site provides basic outlines for research projects in the Neubig lab, both past and present.  Most of our research is phylogenetically based, which means that we use DNA, morphological, or anatomical data to generate trees that represent evolutionary relationships.  Understanding variation in other aspects about an organism, such as geographic distributions or pollination biology, within a phylogenetic context allows for a greater understanding of evolutionary patterns.  If you would like to see some of our past and current research projects click on the tabs above.


Departmental office:

Department of Plant Biology

1125 Lincoln Dr, MC 6509

Life Science II, room 420

Carbondale, IL, 62901

Office: 1004 Life Science III

Lab: 1045 Life Science III

Email: kneubig *at*        tel: 618 453 3823

See my citation profile on google scholar, a running total of data submitted to genbank, and datasets available at dryad.